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Cryptids Unlimited


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Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

Women in bigfooting. Some people think we're afraid, others think all we do is sit around a campfire and gossip. Both are wrong.

Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

What have you been taught about the Bible? I bet not this. Please welcome guest Ed Mabrie from to explain some of the things you've probably never been taught.
Ed has some very interesting podcast series on his webpage and I encourage everyone to go check them out.
As always, if you'd like to come on the show and share your encounters with cryptids, email

Episode 7: Dark Outdoors

Friday Sep 22, 2023

Friday Sep 22, 2023

My guest is Chester Moore from Dark Outdoors Podcast, which focuses on the dangers possible in the great outdoors. If you have kids interested in the great outdoors, wildlife or Bigfoot, then you're not gonna want to miss this one!
Chester works with Wild Wishes for less fortunate or disabled children, the higher calling for wildlife and takes children & families on actual bigfoot expeditions.
Links:  (Please donate to the cause!}

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

My guests are  Sean Chris and Joel Thomas from the popular podcast, Kill the Mockingbirds! I am honored to have them on the show. We talk about bigfoot, covid and anything else that came up. 

Monday Sep 04, 2023

My guest tonight is John Vandeventer, author of "Relics" and "The Shadow Chasers". My co-host is Heather, fellow member of the Bigfootin Female Friends of the South. We talk about a little bit of everything going on in the world today as well as John's books.
Please visit John Vandeventer's website here:

Episode 4: Project Blue Beam

Sunday Aug 27, 2023

Sunday Aug 27, 2023

Let's take a deep dive into the facts of Project Blue Beam. Could it really happen?

Sunday Aug 20, 2023

Special Presentation: My family and I have had many occurrences in our lives. From cryptid encounters to hauntings and demonic possession. Been there...done that. Tonight I share some of the things that made me who I am today.

Monday Aug 14, 2023

I'm your host, Lisa Leach aka Crazy Bigfoot Lady. My guest tonight is Kirk from NW Louisiana. Kirk has had some interesting encounters with strangeness beginning at age 5. Tonight he is here to share some of his encounters. I know you are going to be entertained.

Friday Aug 04, 2023

Meet your host and see what coming in the future.

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